Pedagogic resources for the saxophone classroom


Once classes are finished and before the holidays begin, teachers have a place to meet and share their ideas for the next semester.

They say that we always have something to learn. Of course, the continuous training of teachers is a matter of great importance. That's why the Sanganxa Foundation, who is aware of this, has organized an event especially with saxophone teachers in mind.

The event will take place on July 30 between 10:00am and 2:00pm, in the Aula Sanganxa, located at the Sanganxa store facilities in Llanera de Ranes (Valencia) with the greatest purpose in mind. The aim is to provide a meeting place to enrich our resources and pedagogical strategies, which will help improve the results of our future students.

This opportunity offers the teachers of our instrument — who have already finished the semester — an opportunity to fine-tune their methodology. In just one morning, they will immerse themselves with an experience of various speakers, the sharing of concerns and opinions with other professors, learning about the latest developments in the marketplace (in terms of accessories and reeds), and comparing instruments...

Participants will attend lectures given by Salva Hernández (saxophonist and technician specialized at the Sanganxa workshop), Fran Giménez (a Sanganxa saxophone specialist) and Eladio Sellés (from Breathing Sax).

Among others, topics such as:

  • maintenance and repair,
  • issues to be considered in the choice of an instrument for beginners, and
  • systematic breathing will be discussed.

This last topic will be approached by Eladio Sallés in a very interesting way, from the applicable concepts of sports medicine, and is supported by various accessories to optimize performance. The day will end with a participatory round table where the speakers will share their views on saxophone pedagogy.

Concerning the price, registration only costs €20 and includes sample accessories and a gift shirt. So, if you're interested, keep in mind that spaces are limited and in an event like this, you need to act fast to acquire a spot.

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